Insulated Roofing
Insulated Roofing

Patioland use and recommend the Hunter Douglas Shademaster insulated roofing system

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Insulated Patio Roofing for a Comfortable Outdoor Area

Wish you could enjoy the good life outdoors for more of the year?

An insulated patio roof is what you need to keep that Sydney summer sun from ruining an otherwise perfectly nice afternoon or evening outside with family and friends. Don’t spend the hottest parts of the year cooped up inside with every door and window slammed shut, breathing recirculated air from your air conditioner. Instead, enjoy the outdoor air in comfort and style under the shade of a well-insulated patio roof. It’s the perfect place to be after a hard day’s work, or on your day off: to relax, unwind, and enjoy a comfortable and delightfully informal space with your favourite people.

The right insulated patio roof is also your key to enjoying your patio area a little further into the cold part of the year as well. By keeping the area that little bit warmer as the days get shorter and colder, it’s your chance to snatch a few more weeks of barbecued dinner, the best of company, and quality outdoor living before it finally gets too cold to enjoy the outdoors in Sydney. The same heat retaining qualities of the insulated roof on your patio will also let you emerge from your winter indoor hibernation that little bit earlier than everyone else. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Using the Hunter Douglas Shademaster system, Patioland supply and install a wide range of pergolas and custom awning designs. The range includes pitched roofs, flat roofs, an insulated patio roof and domed roofs. Shademaster is Australian made and designed specifically for the Australian climate. Here in Sydney, we get ultraviolet light at levels several times what you find at equivalent latitudes in the northern hemisphere: products designed for that part of the world can degrade a lot faster in ours. This product is engineered for Australian conditions, in line with Building Code of Australia guidelines.

Insulated Roofing Panels for Cosy Winters and Chilled-Out Summers

The insulated roofing panels on our Shademaster range come in a range of colours and profiling options to match a wide array of decks, enclosures, pergolas and gazebos. The low gloss ceiling finish is an aesthetically pleasing touch, specifically intended to seamlessly complement the rest of your home. With the combination of a high gloss roof to reflect heat and a low gloss ceiling finish on the underside, the Shademaster insulated patio roof provides an outdoor area that looks the part while keeping you cool in summer and nice and cosy warm through the Sydney winter.

The Technology

Our insulated patio roofing features strong, elegant, chambered and fluted beams and columns. Matching gutters tie the system together, while hidden fixing points and concealed brackets complete the smooth and refined appearance. The structure is engineered and tested to comply with all relevant Australian Standards. Major components are made from strong high tensile steel, while the fixings and brackets are galvanised for a long, usable life.

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